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Learn the facts about Salt Free Devices and Culligan’s Salt Free solutions

If you are looking to get salt free water treatment equipment for your home or business, you should learn the facts about product options and product technology. Culligan offers many salt free options to fit the specific needs of home owners.  These include filtration products designed to meet your needs. Culligan Automatic Filters:  We have a full line of […] Read More

Magnetic Water Treatment Devices – 3rd Party Research

Only water softeners soften water. Don’t be fooled by magnets and magic beads! Many companies promote salt free devices as an alternative to traditional water softeners.  While the concept is a nice one, laboratory tests by independent third parties suggest that these products do not deliver these benefits of soft water: Brighter laundry Softer skin […] Read More

Five Ways to Stop Wasting Water on Laundry

Millions of people around the world do laundry each day. The average American family alone does 8-10 loads of laundry each week, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). A single load of laundry, from wash to dry, takes an average of one hour and twenty seven minutes to complete. That’s a lot […] Read More

Culligan Solar (Sun dried) Salt Available

Pure sun dried salt is now available from the Great Salt Lake.  We sell directly to you and you can pick it up or we’ll deliver to your doorstep.   Read More

Reasons to Shop Locally

Shopping Local Creates Jobs: The jobs created allow spending in the local economy and helps create more jobs.  Alpine Culligan is a locally owned national franchise – the best of both worlds.  You get the expertise of an International company and the bucks stop here!. Local independent businesses invest more in our community: They support […] Read More

Chlorine in your drinking water

City water is highly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA regulations, however, only cover contaminants they have determined to be harmful and in the dosages they recommend.In the city you are definitely drinking chlorine in your water – it is required by law. Chlorine (Cl2) has done wonderful things to reduce or eliminat…e […] Read More

Why Are Wells Next to Each Other So Different?

It seems odd that two or more wells within say 20 feet of each other can have very different characteristics.  Homeowner well water typically exists as aquifers (a water bearing layer of water permeable sand or rock) and pockets of ground water (water that seeps in from surface sources.  Fractures in the earths crust can isolate portions […] Read More

What is Water with Problems?

What is Problem Water? For the home or business owner it is water that looks or smells bad, tastes bad, causes staining, spotting or corrosion, causes health problems or personal appearance problems. The EPA has set standards for homeowners that set Primary and Secondary Standards. Contact us to learn more. Read More

Fall Check-Up?

It is hard to believe that Fall will be here officially September 22nd!  Daytime temperatures are in the 60-70′s and 40′s at night.  It won’t be long until the aspens turn golden and you’ll need a fire in the fireplace to take the chill off.  It is also a great time to have your heating […] Read More

Alpine Culligan Water Softening is the Best for Our Schools

We are almost finished supplying water treatment equipment for all the school and admin buildings for the Salida, Colorado School District. What an honor to serve our community in this way – helping our school children by making sure their facilities are cleaner and nicer. Read More

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