Get Salt Delivered for your Water Treatment System

SaltbagsstackLet your local Culligan expert do all the heavy lifting. When it’s time to refill your water treatment system, we’ll handle everything. Sign up for our Privilege Program and get a maintenance check on every visit.


Culligan Salt Delivery Service—available for all brands of water softeners

  • Get convenient, regularly-scheduled salt deliveries.
  • Salt delivery requests can be fully automated when using a Culligan HE system, which can “call” your Culligan expert automatically when salt is needed.
  • Ensure that your system has the right type of salt.
  • Let your Culligan Expert lug and lift heavy salt bags.
  • Save time and the hassle of buying salt.

With the Culligan Salt Service program, your Culligan Expert will provide:

  • Regularly-scheduled salt delivery
  • Proper refill of your water softener salt tank with the proper grade and type of salt


Alpine Culligan delivers salt to Chaffee County including:

Buena Vista  Nathrop
Granite  Poncha Springs
Howard  Salida


If you are outside the salt route area, we would be happy to schedule delivery when we are in your area next. Culligan water softener salt can also be picked up at the plant.